How to develop an SEO plan?

SEO is one of the best strategies for promoting and marketing your business. But you should know that it is completely dependent on Google algorithms that are tweaking and changing for better user experience. It means, if you want to stay on top, you have plenty of things to focus on and implement. Most importantly, you have to continuously reevaluate and redesign the game plan. When you get help from the CA SEO experts, they make the job simple and also show you some exceptional results. If you are interested to find out more about the SEO plan, continue reading this blog.

Determine whether your website is search friendly: Before making changes on the website, it is important to determine where you stand. First, you have to find whether the website appears in search engines. It means the search engine should list and index your website. If the website remains in HTML format, it means the website is good. But still, the Flash files, Java applets, images, and other kinds of non-text contents would not be seen to search spiders. They claim they can view some of the elements but the reality is the advanced crawling technologies cannot view such contents accurately.

The search engine can scan and index when the entire contents remain in HTML. If you wish to utilize other formats, you should see whether it remains visible for the search engines.

At times, you may think that all your contents are in HTML so the search engine would index easily. Remember, there are still chances for issues like non indexed pages. You have to double-check where you are lacking and how to improvise. Tools such as MozBar or Google Cache helps you in seeing the elements that remain noticeable to the search engine.

Evaluating the competitors: Once you completely evaluate the blog, you have to find out your position in search engines. Measure where your competitors remain in the search engine. For example, you may be in the tenth position for few keywords whereas your competitors would be in the top position for those keywords. Check and compare your competitor’s position with yours. If you think that your website is not performing equal to your competitors, you have to take some serious actions. There are several competitor analysis tools that help you to determine and track niche and broad competitors, evaluate on-site position with keywords and ways to measure the offsite factors.

It is almost like a complete SEO insight. If you are a big brand, you would be spending thousands of dollars on taking up the top position. So, it is important what works and what does not works for your website. Certain off-page and on-page strategies would not work. It is best to stop doing those and focus on strategies that work on your business website. Several SEO experts use strategies like comment building, PBN submission, guest posting, etc. to make the client’s website stand in top position. These strategies may not work for all businesses. It is best to analyze and apply what works for you.

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