How Is The Porcelain Veneer Procedure Performed?

Dental clinics are mostly visited by individuals who wish to enhance their smile and looks. One of the fast-growing fields in the dental industry is cosmetic dentistry. Nowadays, more and more individuals are showing interest in obtaining good looks and aesthetic smiles. It is suggested to consult a leading Etobicoke dentist for obtaining the porcelain veneer procedure. Let us review the porcelain veneer procedure in detail in this blog.

Though several procedures assist you in getting a perfect smile, porcelain veneers are one of the popular options. It is a kind of treatment that aids in rectifying several things like chipped teeth, yellow teeth, crooked teeth, and misaligned teeth. Porcelain is a thin material that almost looks like natural teeth. They are highly utilized in dentistry. They are known for durability and lasts more than your expectation. However, it is important to take regular care of them. A bad smile has chances to affect one’s self-esteem and confidence. Porcelain veneers assist in reconstructing your confidence and showcase the pearly whites. It is a pain-free procedure and does not require continuous visits.

Importance of tooth trimming in porcelain veneer procedure

Tooth trimming: The dentist will start to perform the procedure by doing tooth trimming. He/she will trim the tooth’s region that showcases decay signs before starting with other regions. The main reason for the dentist to trim that particular region is to alter the enamel’s layer and thus place the veneer exactly. Tooth trimming involves eliminating old fillings. The dentist would ensure to perform a new filling before the procedure. If your previous filling is less than two weeks, they would not suggest for a new filling.

Does the procedure require sedative?

A sedative is not needed for all cases. It will be given when the veneer extends underneath the gun line. As the gum region is a sensitive part, there are chances for the patient to experience pain. So, the dentist would give sedatives and then perform the procedure.

How to choose the shade for your porcelain veneer procedure?

The dentist will select the color according to the remaining teeth’s color. It will be mostly according to the surrounding teeth. The dentist would also see which region of the laminae requires to be translucent. This way, the new tooth would look exactly like your original tooth.

After trimming, the dentist will take a dental impression of the tooth and the surrounding area. Also, the impression of the tooth and the neighboring teeth and gums will be shown. It develops an image of the jaw that assists dentists in how to perform the procedure.

It takes about one to two weeks to prepare the porcelain veneer. So, during this time, the dentist would apply a temporary veneer. After the new fit is prepared, the dentist will see whether it fits accurately by placing it roughly. They trial because when even there is a small mistake, it has chances to cause major issues. The dentist will ask you to bite, move the mouth, and close the mouth and ask whether you are feeling any discomfort.

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