What Is Greenhouse Gas?

Climate change, greenhouse gas, and environmental concernsWhenever you turn on the television or look at the latest news online, you are going to find that many stories are talking about the state of the environment. Many people are blaming the current problems with the environment on the greenhouse gases that are put into the atmosphere. These gases are what most people say are responsible for the pollution levels in the world, and the reason why the quality of air that we are breathing is slowly depreciating. Those who have a hard time breathing while out or who have asthma will find that on days in which they estimate greenhouse gases to be high that it is going to be hard to breathe. However, despite the fact that most people realize that greenhouse gases are what affects the quality of air, most people are really unsure of what greenhouse gases really are. Continue reading →

Will A Degree In Alternative Energy Get You A Good Job?

Wind turbines used for alternative energyThere are several degrees that a person can get when they go to a college or university. However, many degrees that people get in today’s time they will find that they do not always lead to a good job. Many degrees are becoming obsolete because there are new and better ways of doing something that do not require the man power that they once required. One of the degrees that is getting more and more recognition is a degree in renewable energy. Those who are just entering into college or those who are trying to decide what they want to do, they may find that a degree in renewable energy is the way to go as this can open up many high paying jobs in the market. Continue reading →

Supporting Alternative Energy Companies Through Binary Options Trading

Alternative energy will have to replace fossil fuels. This is because oil and other fossil fuel-based sources of energy will run out; alternative energy will not. For this reason, we need to transition to using alternative energy as early as possible. Unless we place great more importance in such an endeavour, we are going to suffer when the world’s supply of fossil fuels runs out.

There are many companies in the world that do work on alternative energy technologies. Through their research, the world has made so many advances with regard to the use of alternative energy. Unfortunately, though, these organizations often don’t have enough money to initiate all the efforts they need to. For this reason, people who care about the environment really need to donate to such efforts. The good news for everyone is that there are now many easy ways for them to earn money that they can donate to environmental organizations. One of these ways happens to be binary options trading. Through binary options trading, you can help out in making the world adopt the use of effective alternative energy technologies.

How does one do binary options trading? To do binary options trading, people have to first sign up for the services of a binary options brokerage. Once they have signed up for the services of the brokerages, they will most likely be able to buy options already. People will need to buy options and then place trades on them at a later time. To place a trade on an option, people just have to choose whether to put on it or to call on it. To call on an option means to guess that the price of the asset it is for is going to rise by the time the option expires; to put on an option means to guess that the opposite case is going to be true. A correct guess will always reward a trader a fixed amount of money.

Because binary options trading is very easy to do, so many environmentalists from all over the world are now doing it to earn money which they then donate to their environmental organizations of choice. A fair bit of these organizations happen to be ones that focus on developing alternative energy technologies. Unfortunately, though, the money these organizations are receiving from binary options traders, although significant in amount, only helps fund a few small projects. They need more donators, and this is why I am encouraging more and more people to do binary options trading to help them out. If not binary options trading, then at least donate money from some other endeavour to alternative energy companies. Wherever the money comes from, it doesn’t matter; what’s important is that alternative energy companies get more money.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to the alternative energy companies out there who are doing a great job securing a bright future for humanity. Unless humanity is able to effectively harness alternative energy sources before the world loses its supply of fossil fuels, we are going to be in a bind. For this reason, it is really important that we start supporting alternative energy companies as soon as possible.

The Environmental Considerations of Breast Augmentation

breastaugmentationYou probably wouldn’t associate breast augmentation procedures with the environment but the fact is that there are many points about breast augmentation that do indeed relate to our planet. Much of this comes from the way how breast augmentation procedures can use implants to make a woman’s bust look spectacular.

Implants are frequently used in the process because they make it easier for a woman’s breasts to stand out. At the same time, they are particularly made with different materials. Some of these are ones that are found right in our environment.

Silicone is One Such Example

Silicone is a commonly used material in many breast augmentation procedures. Silicone implants have long been used in many women and in recent years improvements have been made to make these implants useful again.

However, silicone requires the use of silicon compounds in order to make them work. This will require a need to mine silicon materials in some of the more fragile parts of the planet. This silicon will be mixed with hydrogen, oxygen or carbon to create a substance that can work in a woman’s body and be flexible.

There is one positive that comes with silicone. It is a nonbiodegradable material so it is not as though a woman has to keep getting new implants after getting them for the first time. In addition, silicone has not been found to cause any serious risks to the environment as it is mined. Still, the need to watch for how such a material is mined is critical for all to spot.

A number of breast augmentation Seattle sites like Newvue plastic surgery will use this type of procedure. It’s just a simple process but it is something that has to be monitored well.

Saline is Often Safer

Saline has been used in breast augmentation procedures as well. This works in that prosthetic breast implants can be added and then filled with a sterile solution that features salt water. This sterile material is often useful since salt is easily produced within the environment. In particular, sodium chloride has been found over the years to not only be plentiful but also relatively renewable. The sterile nature of the material makes it particularly helpful for breast augmentation Philadelphia sites like plasticsurgerysandiego.com.

The compounds in the material can develop over time and will become useful for taking care of the needs that anyone might have for getting better breasts. The best part is that it can help to not only increase a woman’s breast size but also enhance its texture, thus making it a useful option for one’s treatment needs.

Old Oils Aren’t Used Anymore

Some older types of oils could be used as well but they are not as commonplace. Soy oil was particularly used in some older models but it has been discontinued. While it’s true that this compound is effective for the planet as it comes from naturally grown and renewable soybean plants, it has been found to wear out very quickly.

Some implants that were made with soy oils in mind were even capable of leaking quite a bit. Therefore, environmental benefits aside, implants that use natural oils aren’t necessarily going to cut it these days. The risk to the patient is too strong even if it is not going to create much of an environmental impact.

It’s clear that the environmental considerations that come with breast augmentation are not going to be all that much of a concern for people. They are just focused on how good the final product will look. Still, people who are interested in such a procedure should think carefully about how it is made and if the materials being used are going to influence our planet in some way.

Doing Binary Options Trading for the Environment

Alternative energy is something every nation in the world needs to start harnessing on a massive scale. By doing this, we will decrease our dependence and fossil fuels and benefit the environment. Unfortunately, though, most entities that push for the mass usage of alternative energy don’t have the financial means to implement full-scale efforts. Unless these entities are able to spread awareness of the benefits and practicality of alternative energy, the world’s nations will continue ignoring it and continue to be influenced by big oil companies. People need to donate more money to pro-environment organizations. Each cent they give to these companies goes a long way in helping save the Earth.

The good news is that ordinary people are now actually contributing to environmental efforts by doing business with binary options brokerages. Binary options brokerages such as Banc de Binary offer great ways for even the most financially illiterate of people to earn money. The Banc de Binary practise account, for one, enables people to learn the ins and outs of binary options trading at a really fast pace. Just by using such an account, people can learn to make very profitable trades in just a day or two.

Because of the services offered by Banc de Binary, many environmentalists consider it the best binary options trading website. A significant portion of environmentalists work with the brokerage and earn thousands of dollars’ worth of profits a month because of it. Most of these environmentalists donate around 50% of their earnings to environmental organizations; some donate all of their earnings. Since people started doing binary options trading to help environmental efforts, more and more environmental campaigns have been started by environmental organizations. What’s great is that these environmental campaigns are actually doing a great job spreading awareness of the benefits of alternative energy to the masses. Through their efforts, world governments are getting more and more pressured to adopt the use of alternative energy on a massive scale.

“I started doing binary options trading about a year ago. At first, I was sceptical, but then I discovered that it really is a great way to earn fast cash. Since I’m doing really well in terms of finances with regard to my day job, I donate all of my earnings from binary options trading to environmental organizations. Through binary options trading, I am able to give so much help to the environmental causes that are dear to me. It’s really amazing,” Gabrielle Hannah, an environmentalist/accountant from Ontario, told us.

If you have always wanted to help out in environmental efforts, know you that you can now do so easily. All you have to do is create an account on a binary options trading website and start making amazing trades. By doing safe yet profitable trades, you can make sure that you can donate thousands of dollars a month to the environmental causes that are close to your heart. Big oil companies are still exerting much influence on world governments. So the sooner you start doing binary options trading for the purpose of donating to environmental causes, the better.

Linking The Environment And Spider Vein Treatment

legs of the young girlHey guys

I thought that I would post a short blog today about some new research that I have recently come across which might be of interest to you. I have been circulating it around my colleagues and friends as we try to make sense of it. Basically it relates to spider vein treatment, or rather the cause of spider veins, and how this links to environmental issues.

I should point out that sclerotherapy like the treatment carried out at http://www.cvvcenters.com/ is normally related to the individual’s lifestyle. Usually the cause isn’t environmental in the sense of growing harmful emissions and poor air quality but instead related to things like standing a lot for work, lack of exercise and diet. That being said I was recently sent some documents relating to new research that suggests that spider veins and varicose veins could be related to the change in environment.

It should be noted that this research is very much in its infancy and no actual concrete evidence has been found yet to suggest anything specific. However in some patients that were treated with spider vein treatment Trenton and specifically at http://www.danielsveincenter.com/vein-treatments/sclerotherapy/ there was a link between a poor environment and an increase in spider veins.

You know yourselves just how much I actively campaign for better emissions and more regulations relating to our planet however I double my efforts when it becomes a health issue. OK, this hasn’t actually been proven yet but the initial findings seem to be enough to warrant new research.

I remember when a lake only a few miles from me became polluted through chemical disposal and a lot of people in the immediate vicinity became ill. It was strenuously denied by the company and local agencies however, in the end, research like this one proved a direct link and new regulations were introduced in my area to prohibit this kind of disposal. At the time it was denied much in the same way as this new research is being dismissed however the truth tends to come out eventually.

Will this be the case here?

Honestly I am not sure. I’m not a medical expert although I do know about how harmful emissions can have a direct effect on health. I’m just not sure if the link here is credible or not. I guess we’ll find out in the coming months (and years) as more research into this supposed link is carried out.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention for anyone that does suffer from varicose veins or spider veins that your local environment could play a big part in it. It might not be the number one contribution but if it has any affect at all then this needs to be looked into.

OK, so that is it for now. I’ll keep you updated if any more research is released into this link and I have some exciting eco projects in the pipeline that I’ll let you know about.

Thanks for reading.



A Romantic Affair with Chinese Cuisine

chineseFood and society has always been interrelated with each other ever since the time that human have discovered fire and the diverseness of it’s use. Since the time that people began to cook (which was obviously far more better than eating our food raw), we had found out that cooking our foods was a tedious task, besides spending half of the day hunting for it and cleaning it up prior to actually cooking it. Cooking was merely a way to preserve our foods in order for it to be more sanitized, killing off bacteria so that it can be preserved for future use. The ancient method of the origins of cooking in China came about with a story that was passed on to young children, on how it was discovered by a Chinese farmer.

As the legend goes, there was once this Chinese farmer who had a group of farm animals locked up inside his barn, when one night, the barn suddenly caught on fire. Frantically running out to save his own life, the farmer forgot to let his pigs out from the barn, letting them burn to their deaths. After the flames had died down, the farmer and his neighbors went about the rubble, hoping to recover anything of value of what was left of the burned down barn.

Amidst their scavenging, they began to smell a savory aroma underneath the burnt debris. Turning over the remains of the burnt wood, they soon discovered the carcasses of the burnt pigs that were covered by the cinders. The savory aroma was so enticing that the farmer had to take a piece of the pig’s burnt flesh, cleaning off the ashes and slowly smelling it. Eventually, the farmer had to taste the pig’s burnt flesh, as it gave off such a pleasant smell.

Chewing on the pig flesh with his eyes closed, he suddenly shouted to his curious onlookers, “This is delicious!”, exclaimed the farmer. And ever since then, the Chinese people learned how to cook pork meat, which eventually led to testing other livestocks. Even though it is only a story passed down through generations, The Chinese people took into themselves to go beyond the basic principles of cooking and eventually elevating it into an art form, thus, the birth of the Chinese art of cooking.

It will be interesting to know however, that not all ingredients that are used in Chinese dishes were originally from the Chinese mainland. Surprised? Ingredients such as sesame seeds, onions, cucumbers and coriander all came from Western origins made possible by the “Silk Trade Route” during the Han dynasty, in which travelers such as Marco Polo brought in from other places of origin. It could be said that the Chinese way of cooking is centered on it’s locality, meaning that each particular region in China has it’s own unique way of cooking style which is very evident on their particular taste, aroma and manner on how the ingredients are prepared according to seasons. Since China is situated in a part of the world that has four seasons, people who live in the various regions have different cooking styles that adapt to the changes thereof.

A good way to describe this would be to know the various regions of China. The Eastern style of cooking is more on the sweet side, as people in that region frequently use sugar integrated into their recipes. This manner of cooking is in fact using the natural enzymes of sugar as a natural preservative on food. It should also be an interesting note that the Eastern part of China is where Mono-sodium Glutamate was discovered (MSG) as almost all types of Asian cooking involves the use of MSG. The Southern region of China has a more salty approach when it comes to cooking as salt is one of the most common minerals used to preserve food as well. People in this region often put salt on freshly dressed meat as to prolong it’s freshness and preserve it’s flavor. Although the salt does make the preserved meat quite salty, it can extend the usability of the meat for over a month. The Southern part of China is also where the method of smoking meat originated.

The Western regions of China incorporate a substantial amount of vinegar into their recipes, which may be applicable to certain kinds of meats and fishes. Veal. Pork and beef are a standard in the cuisines that they put vinegar on, and quite frankly, they have almost 100 different types of vinegars that give flavor to their cooking. Vinegar is also a method of preserving their cooked foods as it can extend their shelf life for more than a week. Vinegar also makes it easy to tenderize the meats that they use on their recipes, enabling it to extract the essence of the meat itself. The Northern regions of China has a more spicy approach when it comes to their manner of cooking, as the upper Northern regions are very cold, especially during the winter months. Soups are mostly a staple in every Chinese meal, but this particular region spices things up a bit by adding spices such as chili peppers and grounded pimento pepper corns that makes their savory taste almost unbearable to those not accustomed to such spicy foods.

Today, all over the world, Chinese cuisine has found a niche amongst food enthusiasts and casual dinners that seek a different taste that appeals to their taste buds. It has even embodied a romanticized appeal that can be comparative to Western cuisine. The exotic Oriental appeal of Chinese food can be fully experienced in all parts of the world, as they even have Chinese food delivery, which you can find here. The concept of cooking does have a very big influence on our development as a society, as it is one of the most indulging and enjoyable social activities that we can take part of. Cooking and eating does make our lives in this world more colorful that it gives a whole new perspective in the meaning of food and how it revolve around our lives.

The Use of Trailers in Conservation Work

trailerWhen it comes to camping, trailers are the vehicle of choice of many people. There are many reasons for this, and one of them happens to be the fact that trailers offer much comfort to people even when they’re out in the wilderness. Due to the spaciousness of trailers, they can be used to store supplies and other equipment that can help anyone have a great camping experience. Of course, trailers aren’t only useful for camping; the reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about how trailers are now used as mobile offices by organizations that work in more natural settings.

Many conservation groups and other organizations whose work involves more natural settings now make use of trailers as mobile offices (you can check out different office trailer rentals, used mobile offices here). Although this was already possible years ago, it’s only now that mobile office companies capitalized on the idea and created trailers specifically for mobile office use. Unlike traditional trailers, the trailers designed for mobile office use tend to be more spacious and have features that work to make the mobile office experience better. Due to the usefulness of these trailers, many conservation groups are now able to do great work in remote settings.

Nature New York is a new conservation group that does great hands-on work taking care of the state’s flora and fauna whilst doing great research on them. Just like many other new conservation groups, one of the things that helps Nature New York do great work is that they are able to access remote conservation areas for long periods of time – this is thanks to the fact that their trailers offer enough space for them to put supplies for their daily needs. Since Nature New York started using trailers, they have produced many papers on the many conservation sites in the state of New York on many respectable scientific journals.

“Because the trailers we use double as office space/living quarters, we can stay in conservation sites for weeks. When people think about New York, they think that it’s just hundreds of skyscrapers and sprawling urban areas. There’s more to New York than these things. The New York countryside is actually breathtaking. It has rich flora and fauna that need to be kept out of harm’s way, and we work to this end. We also do research on them. By doing research on them, we hope to gain knowledge on developing better conservation strategies in the future,” Leighton Campbell, head of Nature New York, told us.

Whether we’re talking about camping trips with the family or research work on nature, we cannot deny that advancements in trailer technology have significantly helped it. Who knows? Maybe in the future, those who rent out trailers for work use may end up creating trailers that can house state-of-the-art laboratories which will surely help researchers do much better work in remote settings. Even now, when researchers have only just started using trailers for use in such settings, we’re already seeing them do amazing things through their use. What more can we expect in the future, maybe ten or twenty years from now?

Everyday Chemicals That Are Bad For Your Health

Chemical bottles found in most homes that contain toxic chemicalsEveryday you may use a little disinfectant spray to ensure that your kitchen shines, or you may use bleach to ensure that your white laundry is getting even whiter. What most people do not realize is that there are tons of chemicals that they use everyday that can be affecting their health and eventually lead to health problems. Most people think that if this is available on the shelves to buy that this means that it is safe to use, yet most people do not take the time to look at the ingredients and what it is that could be causing them problems.

What are Some Harmful Chemicals

Most chemicals that are harmful to your health are hiding in your cleaning products that you utilize every day. These chemicals include:

- Dioxin

- Chlorine

- Propylene Glycol

- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

These three ingredients are often found in soaps and shampoos that you utilize everyday. In fact, Propyleen Glycol is basically antifreeze.

The following products are often found in cosmetics that people utilize everyday on their face:

- Talc
- Collagen
- Glycerin
- Bentonite

There are tons of other products that we use that contain other harmful ingredients, yet these are some of the most common chemicals that people are using.

The Effects of These Harmful Chemicals

So what are the effects of these chemicals on your health? There are two main illnesses that are increasing as these harmful chemicals are being used more and more by people. These include asthma and eczema. Asthma is becoming more dominant as people find that they cannot breathe in certain situations, usually after spraying or using these chemicals in their home. Eczema has increased due to these chemicals playing havoc with the skin when the person utilizes these.

Along with these problems, studies are still trying to decide on just what all the problems are being caused by these chemicals. Deodorant has been linked to an increase in cancer, which has many worrying about what body spray is going to do to them in the long run. In addition, they have seen that those expectant mothers who use chemicals on a daily basis increase the chances of their babies having mental disorders and learning difficulties. Researchers are even trying to find the link between these harmful chemicals affecting the way that the brain processes sound, which could be why so many people are losing their hearing at a younger age. If you are a homeowner who cleans your own pool, you will want to make sure you educate yourself on the dangers of chlorine and how to use it properly. Bottom line is that any household chemicals needs to be treated with respect as they are potentially life threatening and dangerous.

What You Can Do

So what can you do to ensure that you are not using these harmful products? Look for items that are considered green. Or even make your own cleaning products. For example, vinegar and water is great for helping to clean up messes while also being a natural disinfectant. When buying products, look at the ingredients and if you cannot pronounce it, chances are these are chemicals that could affect you later in life. If you do find that you are in constant contact with certain chemicals, you will want to educate yourself on how to stay protected. There are several online training videos on how to deal with bad chemicals like benzene, and other harmful carcinogens. Always educate yourself on the products you are using.

There is no reason that we should be subjected our bodies to these harmful chemicals, when there are obvious choices that can be chose that do not use these chemicals. It is best for the entire household to use products that are not going to cause problems.

Cruelty And Chemical Free Pest Control

Candle used to repel bugs without using pesticidesWhen you have a home, whether you own this or if you rent it, you are going to find that part of living in a home is pest control. There are several people who wish to get rid of the pests, without harming the pest or harming the environment. Those who utilize pest control that is not considered environmentally friendly will find that these are mostly likely poisons, that cannot only kill the pest, but can harm those who live in the home as well. This is the number one reason why so many people are looking for eco-friendly pest control.

With this being said, there are several things that you can do in order to have cruelty free pest control in your home. There are a number of home methods that people utilize that chase away pests yet does not necessarily harm the pests, and is considered completely safe for those who live in the home. Using some sort of repellent is the best way for a person to deter pests in their home. They are going to find that repellents are meant to keep the pests from invading the area, yet it does not do harm to the pests. Most people feel bad about harming pests for doing something that they are naturally born to do. With these repellents they are simply encouraging the pest to go somewhere else.

Forms of Repellents

There are several forms of repellents that a person can utilize in their home. Many people find that natural repellents can be things such as putting hot pepper where they know pests are trying to enter which is going to affect their sense of smell and make them turn away. Other repellents can be found on the market that include candles that burn to affect the sense of smell, such as those that you burn to make sure that you are not getting attacked by mosquitoes while outside, or even a plug in repellent that releases a noise that will make many pests refuse to enter into a home due to this sound hurting their ear canals.

When you are looking for a repellent, you will know that this is cruelty free. Yet you may want to consider what type of pest you are trying to get rid of before buying a repellent. Some pests are not going to respond to the same repellent as others. For example, a mouse is not going to deterred by a burning candle, yet the sound repellent is going to work to keep these pests away. You have to know what type of pest you are fighting before you can find a cruel free way to get rid of these pests from your home. Regardless of what type of pest you are trying to get rid of there are alternatives to pesticides, chemicals, and cruelty. A 10 second internet search found this to get rid of mice in a humane way. Take a moment to look around before you let loose with the environmentally-unfriendly sprays and chemicals.

If you are curious as to what is out there, you can research home remedies for repelling pests, or go to your local home improvement store. You will find you have options, thus try something and if this does not work, then look at what other options that you have to utilize.

Using Eco-Friendly Products to Decorate Your Home

Bamboo decorations for the homeThere are several people who when they decorate their home, they want their home to only use pieces that conform to a certain type of lifestyle. For those who are considered to be green or eco-friendly, they are going to find that decorating their home with eco-friendly products is a sure way to let the world know just where they stand on certain subjects. With this being said, many people want to decorate their homes with eco-friendly products, yet they really have no idea where they should start. This is common, and below are a few aspects to keep in mind when preparing to decorate your home with eco-friendly pieces.

1. Bamboo and other types of woods are going to be easier on the Earth since they are renewable. Instead of going with flooring of wood that is hard to find, consider utilizing flooring that is going to renew itself. Bamboo is commonly throughout of since this is the fastest growing wood that can be found in nature.

2. Utilize furniture that can be found locally as this is a great way to use what nature has provided in your local community, as well as support local artists who are just starting on this journey.

3. The appliances within a home, including the lights, need to be those that are going to use less energy in ordered to be more eco-friendly. A person will find that there is a huge selection on the market that is going to enable them to choose from many different styles and the like.

With these three aspects in mind, a person can decorate their home however they like it while only utilizing products that are considered eco-friendly. There are also those who build their entire home from eco-friendly materials in order to truly say that their home is green. This is something that you may want to consider if you are building or remodeling. When deciding to decorate with eco-friendly products you are going to find that there are tons of styles available, meaning that you do not have sacrifice on what you like in order to get the eco-friendly label on it. In addition, there are various price ranges for these products to ensure that a person is able to do this in their home no matter what their budget.

The most important aspect to remember about decorating with eco-friendly products is to pay attention to the materials that are used for the product. Do not simply trust the label as many products want to label themselves as this, yet their materials are anything but eco-friendly. You will find that several stores will boast they only car eco-friendly products, which may be the best way to get what you need to decorate your home and know that this is going to be appropriate for what you have in mind. Overall, have fun with this design and remember that through using eco-friendly products that you are doing your part to protect the environment and ensure that future generations have a place to call home.

Almost Ready to Move into the New Sustainable Energy House

ADT Miami, FL | ADT Home Security Alarm System | (786) 325-7867It took me about a year and a half to get started on this house and about half that long to do the actual construction, but I am finally about ready to move into the new house. This is actually a life’s dream of mine – building a house that is environmentally friendly but most importantly, have a sustainable energy floor plan. The house has solar panels, backup batteries, and a compostable toilet system.  I was thinking about it pretty hard all of that time and wondering if I was going to be able to make things work out right, but it turns out that I am done and under budget. The house is huge and we are not going to need the basement right now. We have installed an adt home security system today and we are going to be paying for the monthly monitoring service. It is a pretty good system that I bought myself and eventually figured out how to get it installed by myself.

If I had to do it again I might just hire a pro to install the system, because there is a lot of things you have to figure out and obviously those guys would have just done the job in no time with no problems. I have test it pretty thoroughly and it works out the way it is supposed to work, but I had to do a good bit of fidgeting with the details before I had worked out all of the kinks in the process. It is not that simple of a process obviously and at first the sensors were either adjusted too closely or not closely at all. In fact it appear that it was being set off by bugs for a little while. Then I set it so that nothing set it off and after that I had to figure out how to make the sensor ignore the cat and still pick it up when there was a person moving around out on the yard.

As I continue to upgrade the home with additional solar panels and other goodies, I will be sure to update my progress on this blog.